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The coming tide, Fox New’s UK cousin.

The arrival of the cultural conflicts of the US between elites in government and the wider American population has been transported across the Atlantic in the shape of a movement or clique that want to set up a rival to the BBC’s media dominance.

This is partly driven by a desire for a alternative message from the establishment online and TV news media. The controversial licence fee is a issue but primarily it comes down to a wider cultural chasm between deference to traditional established agendas from class to liberal cosmopolitan society in metropolitan centre’s such as London, that is perceived to be out of touch with the community at large on a national scale.

This has a political charge to it that both the left and the right seek to exploit for their own ends, from the right of the Conservative party seeking to undermine the need for a publicly funded broadcaster. To the left seeing the BBC as almost too established in the British system of class elites.

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